"WAKALA" Fee 40% & "MODARABA" Share 40% of Net Financial Profit...    -    For 2019, AROPE declared 4.50% Rate of Return on AROPE Open Life & "Ta3leem" Contracts issued in USD...    -    Nabatieh, Al Sabah Street, Majed Rihan Street, 3rd Floor. Phone: 07/761551 Fax: 01/886786...    -    New Branch in Chiyah, Youssef Malkoun Str., facing Beirut Mall, 924 Dana Residence Bldg., 1st Floor | Phone 01/392888 ...    -    Corporate Profile 2019...
Owning Private Boats can be a Real Pleasure, but accidents do happen. AROPE Insurance gives you broad coverage tailored to your needs to enjoy a Safe Journey.
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