"WAKALA" Fee 40% & "MODARABA" Share 40% of Net Financial Profit...    -    For 2019, AROPE declared 4.50% Rate of Return on AROPE Open Life & "Ta3leem" Contracts issued in USD...    -    Nabatieh, Al Sabah Street, Majed Rihan Street, 3rd Floor. Phone: 07/761551 Fax: 01/886786...    -    New Branch in Chiyah, Youssef Malkoun Str., facing Beirut Mall, 924 Dana Residence Bldg., 1st Floor | Phone 01/392888 ...    -    Corporate Profile 2019...

AROPE Egypt was granted approval from the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) to establish two companies, AROPE Life Insurance s.a.e. and AROPE Insurance for Properties and Liabilities s.a.e. 


BLOM Bank, holding 89.04% of AROPE Insurance shares, provides universal banking services that meet all of its client's needs. As one of the oldest established banks in Lebanon, if not the region, BLOM Bank has always been at the center of the country's banking system.


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