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EXPAND represents AROPE's latest Healthcare Plan "International Medical Experts Solution" powered by Munich Health and providing unique access to leading Medical Experts worldwide!

Today, AROPE Insurance is adding this new product to its comprehensive offer of Health and Medical Insurance Solutions allowing Insured to access wider and hassle-free international treatments outside Lebanon.


EXPAND can be acquired separately as a stand-alone cover or combined with a valid Medical Policy* at AROPE Insurance. 

>> For more information or to request a quotation, please contact our Call Center on 1219
*Conditions apply


EXPAND is a premium proposition

>> EXPAND provides coverage of Medical Expenses for 5 specific Critical Illnesses outside the country of residence right where the leading experts are. EXPAND covers the related travel costs for both the patient and one accompanying Partner. 


EXPAND is a specialized medical solution

>> EXPAND includes second medical opinion services provided by leading experts to confirm a diagnosis and guide customers in terms of medical treatments, hospitals and other related requests.


EXPAND is all about peace of mind

>> EXPAND takes care of arrangements for patients to travel for medical treatment providing them with a hassle-free experience.



A network of hospitals and centers of excellence includes the following


o    Boston Children’s Hospital


o    Mayo Clinic Health System


o    Cleveland Clinic


o    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


o    Johns Hopkins Medicine


o    Hospital Sirio-Libanes


o    Mount Sinai Hospital


o    Hopitaux Universitaires de Geneve


o    Harvard Medical School


o    Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois


o    MD Anderson Cancer Center


o    UPMC


o    Karolinska Institutet


o    New-York Presbyterian


o    University Hospital Heidelberg



EXPAND covers specific Treatments and Medical Expenses related to the following 5 Critical Illnesses:


Covered treatment  Examples of related illnesses 
Cancer treatment Cancer affecting either of: lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach, liver, breast, cervix.
Coronary Artery (Bypass) Surgery Narrowing or blockage of two or more coronary arteries.
Major Organ Transplant Heart, lung, liver, or kidney failure. Pancreas or bone marrow following irreversible impairment of the related function.
Heart Valve Surgery Heart Attack, valvular stenosis or insufficiency, heart muscle disease.
Neurosurgery Brain tumor, stroke, major head Injury, Parkinson’s disease.


This policy covers Insured for the expenses arising from the treatments and procedures described above during the insurance period up to the agreed limits. Insured are covered within the territorial scope selected but outside the country of permanent residence, in the following geographical zones:


  • Zone 1: India, Middle East and South East Asia
  • Zone 2: Worldwide excluding USA and Canada
  • Zone 3: Worldwide


Products Benefits & Financial Limits

EXPAND has an annual limit of US$ 1,000,000 which includes the following annual sub-limits:

  • US$ 12,000 for travel and accommodation costs (renewed annually)
  • US$ 10,000 for repatriation in the event of death

The total lifetime limit for this policy is US$ 2,000,000.


Who can apply?


a. Insured at AROPE Insurance can apply individually or as a family for adding EXPAND to their existing healthcare plan provided they do not have any existing illnesses and are in an excellent health condition.
Prices vary depending on age and requested zone of cover. Entry age starts from 0 and up to 65 y.o. for the existing policyholders of and AROPE Medical Insurance Policy (Eligibility Conditions Apply).

b. New Clients can also apply for EXPAND, individually or as a family, as a standalone insurance policy.  

Entry age starts from 0 and up to 60 y.o. (Eligibility Conditions Apply).


How to apply?


If you are interested in AROPE's EXPAND, you can apply by visiting the nearest AROPE Branch or by filling out the Proposal Form and send it back to AROPE Insurance duly signed. If you are new to AROPE, you will need to send your ID as well. Medical Examination (for persons aged over 55) and Pediatric Report (for babies aged between 0-1 year) will be requested. 

A waiting period of 90 days apply.

Steps to follow in case of a claim


In case of a Claim, Insured should:
1- Notify our intermediary Third Party Administrator by contacting MEDNET Bahrain Claims Department by calling +973-17566175
2- Or submit to AROPE Insurance a complete Medical Request (Claim Form + Medical Report + other supporting documents depending on the case) duly filled and signed by the Patient and the treating physician. 

For more information about EXPAND, please contact our Call Center on 1219, available 24/7.

Download AROPE Insurance Application